How To Start An Escort Agency

I ran my own successful escort agency for over 10 years and you can too!

Not everyone is capable of owning an escort agency. So before you decide to dive in head first, there are many things to consider:

1. Are you outgoing?

2. Do you have a lot of contacts outside of your personal life?

3. Do you know a lot of open-minded girls?

4. Are you in a relationship?

5. Do you have time to travel?

6. Do you get mad easily?

7. Are you a leader?

8. Are YOU openminded?

9. Are you organized?

10. Do you have computer skills?

Of course, every single thing is not expected in the beginning of your endeavor. In fact, most of them you will come to learn as your business grows. So don’t be discouraged if you couldn’t check off each one.  I started with a telephone line and a few bucks, literally. I didn’t even have a computer until 2 years into my service.

The BEST thing about my how-to guide is that I know the top 2 websites that you will NEED to get you started in the business in the safest manner. I’m not just going to tell you what and how to do it and send you off into the big bad internet. The connections I have are very safe and will be very safe for your employees. I can honestly say it’s 100% safe if you play your cards right.

A lot of people don’t start this kind of a business for that factor alone. Safety.
With my how-to guide…I will keep that in mind as my top priority.

Wondering how a typical day goes in the life of an escort agency owner? I will tell you:

You walk into your office (that’s probably going to be located in your home somewhere at first!) dressed casually and comfortably because there’s no need for formal business wear. There’s no need to check in either — because you’re the boss.

After chatting with your phone person, you take a look at what’s up for the evening. How many calls came in – how many escorts you’ll need. It’s all organized to a T because your proven streamlined system ensures you always have your finger on the pulse of your business.

You see what girls are available and give them a call. They’re eager to hear from you because each client means some serious money in their pocket. And that means serious money in yours. After all, it’s NOT unusual for you to make $20,000 – even $30,000 per month now that you’ve invested a bit of time establishing your reputation as a quality escort agency, and you didn’t even have to go to University to learn how – You learned how from me – the escort industry’s well know expert.

And as you look at that evening’s projected business, you think about the great car you just bought … the exotic vacation you’ve got planned … and the ample savings that are increasing each month in your bank account.

Life is good.

Think this is just a dream?

Think again. It can very well be yours – and sooner than you think.

Here’s how to get started setting up your new escort agency…

How To Generate Recession-Fighting Profits
Where Others Have Failed

First things first: I’m talking about running a real business – not a hobby. Money will not start rolling in just because you’ve put up an “Open for Business” sign.

If you think it’s that easy, you’re in for a rude awakening.

To be successful with this business opportunity, you need my insider “secret escort industry information” that no one else is willing to share it with you.

You can wing it on your own if you want. But don’t come crying to me when your venture into the adult escort service industry is cut short because of poor planning and inadequate information.

I’ve seen it happen many times… but it doesn’t have to be that way for YOU.

When done correctly, the adult escort business can be very lucrative. Here’s why…

Quality Escorts Are Always In Demand
And So Are the Professional Escort Services
That Provide Them

There’s a constant demand for quality escorts who are discreet, professional and talented. Men with money have no problem paying for companionship, as long as the girls they’re seeing understand privacy and give good service.

The key is companionship, not just entertainment.

Just like anyone else, men want to feel safe, secure and not alone. They want their human needs met. And so even though a well-run escort service may slow down during recessions, it should never close.

In fact, some escort services get busier, depending on what types of clients live in their cities.

Here’s another thing you probably don’t know: your escort business doesn’t have to be in a big city. Men from all walks of life get lonely. And some of the richest still drive pickups and prefer a cold beer to white wine.

In fact, small town escort agencies can sometimes have it easier – simply because there’s little or no competition.

Quickly Start Up A Fast-Profit Business With
ZERO And High Growth Prospects

With any new business opportunity you need a plan. You need a strong and proven business model to help you start your business.
But unlike launching a restaurant or a computer store, accurate, professional and timely information about opening an escort agency is next to impossible to find. With MY how-to guide, you can start your business quickly within one week or take your time and build your business at your own pace. Either way will be profitable for you.

Escort service owners are notoriously tight lipped and very competitive.
They don’t want competition because fewer agencies mean more profit for them. Especially in the same city.

After all, wouldn’t you like to keep your business secrets really secret when…

  • You could be making $250,000 each year in just one year after getting started?
  • You could be buying vehicles and expensive toys with cash (and making substantial down payments on real estate in a market where cash is king)
  • You could be enjoying flexible hours in a relaxed working environment while everyone else you know is dying from work stress and the fear that their job could vanish

Here’s where I come in.

I’ve already made my money in the escort business and I am doing something else now thanks to the income I made with my service.
So if other escort services don’t like this information getting out – tough!
They can’t stop me from telling you my escort secrets of the trade.

After all, they’re not buying this business system – you are.

  • You will benefit from not only my successes, but what I learned from my mistakes including which pitfalls to avoid.
  • You will be able to make financial decisions based on sound advice and not just guesswork.

In short, you’ll not only know what the competition knows… you’ll know MORE than they do!

Maybe this will entice you. I tell this to everyone I talk to about my business.
One day, I was doing laundry and I just happened to go through one of my pockets of my jeans.
Guess what I found just laying around in my dirty laundry?
$400.00 Yes. $400.00 in my dirty laundry.
Wouldn’t it be nice to just have that kind of pocket change laying around? Because that’s exactly what it is. Pocket change compared to what you make. Don’t get me wrong, it’s HARD work. But it’s fun work :)

If you’d like to know how to start YOUR service and have it up and running within one week, just ask me.

VOLUME 1 – Getting Started

This one volume by itself is worth its weight in gold. You’ll quickly learn about…

  • Licensing Information, if needed, Early Paperwork and Banking Procedures – I’ll walk you through the maze of documents you to avoid or need to get started and provide the best insider information on what NOT to say on your paperwork. Do you really want to let the town hall busybodies know everything? You’ll avoid all kinds of traps and set things up right the first time.
  • The Best Ways to Get Paid – I’ll show you how to accept those all-important credit cards whether you have your own merchant account or not. You’ll discover the tricks of the trade to getting approved, what information to give your bank, and what items to withhold. You’ll also find out why accepting checks may not be in your best interest – and how to minimize the risks involved if you do.
  • Choosing the Best Name for Your New Business – What you call your business will directly impact your sales. Learn the “do’s and don’ts” of naming your business, including my suggestions for having two different names.
  • Insider Tips on Outfitting Your Business with Phones – Your company’s essential lifeline is critical, because without telephones your business won’t ever get off the ground. You absolutely have to have reliable service and equipment. Learn from my experience and uncover the right way of getting the biggest bang for your buck.
  • How to Set Up Your Office – Are you starting your new business from your home? Moving into a commercial office? I cover all the basics about what you need to know to make that decision, and how to run a proper and successful business no matter where you’re located.
  • The Two “MUST HAVE” Team Members Critical To Your Success – Every successful Escort Agency must have at least two types of team members — and I’m not talking about the escorts themselves. My business kit explains who these essential personnel are – and why you should never, ever do business without them.

VOLUME 2 – The Escorts:
What You Need to Know to
Hire and Keep the Best

You’re going to need escorts. But how do you screen a prospect escort when she calls you? And if she shows an interest – how do you know if she’s a keeper? Volume 2 covers the entire escort hiring process from A to Z. Discover…

  • The Crucial Screening Process – What to look for and what to look out for. Understand when to give a girl the heads-up or when to simply give up.
  • Hiring Tips You Won’t Find Elsewhere – Not every girl is a model, but she doesn’t need to be, because I’ll teach you about the other factors which are far more important. Get my insider’s hiring checklist that covers everything – and I mean everything! — and your hiring process will go quickly and easily.
  • How Much You Should Pay — You won’t be able to keep your best escorts if you don’t know the industry standard. I’ll explain what that standard is and how all payment aspects work in a well-run escort agency.
  • Fail-Safe Industry Rules of the Road and Codes of Conduct – This one section alone will make your escort business run like a well-tuned racecar.

I cover virtually every situation including:

  • The One Phone Call An Escort Should Never Make At A Client’s Home
  • What Your Escorts Should NEVER Wear When Meeting A Customer.
  • Strikes, Fines And When It’s Time To Say Goodbye!
  • What Duties Your Escorts Should Leave Up To You – and What You Should Leave Up To Them!
  • Excuses – Which Ones “Work” And Which Ones “Walk”
  • Three Things An Escort Shouldn’t Leave Home Without – (The answers will surprise you!)
  • Keeping It Professional – What You Should Never Tolerate – Not Even For One Second!
  • How to Handle “Refusals.” What to Do When Your Escort Says No (Or When It’s The Customer Who’s Doing The Complaining)

But that’s not all. There’s so much more in Volume 2… from Stage Names to Independent Contractor Applications (which includes a legal contract screened by a lawyer) … and even detailed instructions on how to fill out credit card slips correctly (it isn’t the way most businesses do it).

Where Your Cash Flow
Really Begins

You can’t learn too quickly that a good phone person is indispensable. Their voice is the one your customers will always hear first. They’re the first impression your clients will get about your escort service. Consider Volume 3 your Bible when it comes to handling the phones at your escort service.

Anything and everything a phone person must know is here — a training book that’s just a part of the entire Volume.

I can’t emphasize this enough: don’t think of your phone person as a receptionist. Instead, they’re more like an office manager. They help your business grow and succeed like no one else. They will be pulling in your clients.

(Even if you start out booking the calls yourself, this one manual spells out exactly how to do it right.)

Rules of conduct … handling credit cards … dealing with unruly clients … if it’s important, it’s within these pages.

Volume 3 is essential for finding, hiring, training and keeping your phone people. Here’s just a few of the dozens of items, information, pointers and tips you’ll find:

  • How to Separate the Best From the Rest When Interviewing. There are three essential items that’ll tell you right away if someone should even be considered at all. If they mess up on any of these three – they’ll never make a good phone person. Find out what these essentials are, and you’ll save yourself a world of trouble right from the start.
  • How To Pay Them: You’ve found the perfect person. Great! Now … what’s the best way to pay them? I’ll tell you what worked for me – and what didn’t work – so you can make an informed choice for your escort agency.
  • Procedures for Day to Day Activities: 25 pages of instruction and guidance for handling your day to day activities. The routines that must be followed … what to check before the day begins … and how to end the evening’s business. All the little and not so little things that go into making your escort agency run like clockwork are described in exacting detail.

VOLUME 4 – Your Escort Agency Driver:
A Delivery Service for Your Clients And A
Safety Net for You & Your Escorts

Your escort agency driver is an absolutely essential part of any successful escort service.

The person or persons you choose for this position have the power to make or break your escort business. Consider them the eyes and ears of your escort agency.

They’re the ones in closest contact with your escorts. They’re also your first line of defense when it comes to the security and safety of your ladies. If something goes wrong – their duty is making it right.

The last thing you want or need is a dishonest or lazy individual in this key position.

Volume 4 takes you by the hand and shows you the “ins and outs” in selecting, hiring and training your agency’s drivers.

Here’s what you’ll learn …

  • Everything A Driver Must Be — Jack Of All Trades sums it up nicely, but there’s a bit more to it than that.
  • Who Makes The Best Drivers? Hint: It’s not former taxi cab employees.
  • The 10 Point “Must-Do” Check List For Each Driver – Make sure your driver has this down pat – or you’ll pay the price in lost calls.
  • How To Collect Payments – Your drivers will be handling a lot of your money. Make sure they know the procedures, or you’ll be the one left holding an empty bag.
  • The Specific Items A Driver Must Give The Escort Before Each Appointment – Never assume your escorts are always prepared! Your driver is your “fail safe insurance policy.”
  • What The Driver Must Do WITHOUT FAIL When Dropping Escorts Off – No excuses – this is a priority!
  • A Full 23 Page Rule Book – This covers everything from start to finish. If it’s not here – it’s not worth knowing.
  • Payment Structure – The several different ways you can pay your driver – there’s more than one.
  • What Every Driver Must Sign Before Being Hired – If you don’t do this, you’ll be the one who’s going to be very sorry they didn’t!
  • Grounds For Firing – As Well As Immediate Termination. There are a couple of absolute no-no’s you cannot tolerate. Know what limits to set – and when to pull the plug when those limits are crossed.

Volume 4 is a complete real-world plan of action. It’s a must have for anyone getting into the adult escort business.

VOLUME 5 – Run Your Escort Service
Like a Profit Machine With An Encyclopedia
of Practical Administrative Advice

Running a successful escort agency takes more than just desire. It takes administrative work.

Sure administration isn’t glamorous or even exciting. But it’s something that’s absolutely necessary if you ever want your escort service to succeed and make you the money your hard work deserves.

Everything’s here: Forms, forms … and more forms and tons of contracts. If you don’t see it in Volume 5 – you won’t need it.

  • Advertising works – here’s how! Coming up with something to say can be a challenge, but don’t worry – you’ll find exactly what you need. I’ve already written most any ad you’ll be using. So don’t re-invent the wheel – just copy mine. Whether it’s for the Yellow Pages, local newspaper or even a “professional” publication – I have you covered with dozens of successful examples.
  • Sample Rate Cards – What to Charge. The last thing your customer wants is someone who fumbles around trying to remember what the rates are. It sounds unprofessional and will cost you business. I’ve developed escort service industry rate cards with almost every conceivable combination of services and hours possible with competitive rates and what the escorts are charging right now.

Volume 5 does the grunt work for you.
It will save you time and effort for more the more enjoyable things in life you’re looking forward to.

I’ve seen several other How To guides out there and I will admit, they are legit. However, my how to guide is a QUICKER and more simple way of getting into the business FAST with little or NO money up front. That;s why you’re contemplating this in the first place Right? You need money now? I thought so. So while the others do give out good information, mine spells it out easy and fast for you to where you can be running your escort agency within one week, or even just a couple days.

Go ahead. Purchase my how to guide for $200.00 and I guarantee you’ll be happy with the results. It will be the best investment you’ve made in a long time. That’s my promise to you.

I also offer email support for your business for the first month after your purchase for just $20/email.
I know, that might sound like a lot to you, but compared to the amount of money you’ll already be making by the time you need my help, it will be pocket change :)

Email me to get started right away!

Good luck to you!

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